In the year 2023, I received a valuable scholarship that allowed me to delve deeper into the rich traditions of natural dyeing. Beyond personal enrichment, my mission was to share this knowledge, particularly in Lithuania, where the natural dyeing tradition had faced near-extinction due to synthetic dyes. It brought me immense joy to witness a growing interest in the revival of natural dyeing, and my main aim with this scholarship is to support and guide individuals on their natural dyeing journey.


Textiles dyed with marigold. Photo by Julius Tarutis. 2023

My primary goal was to select local and historical dyes and create 10 educational videos for beginners, covering essential topics such as scouring, mordanting, and the basics of natural dyeing. Additionally, I taught classes for current students and prospective students at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, with the hope that they would retain the knowledge and possibilities of natural dyeing, possibly applying them in their creative fields in the future.

In the second phase of my project, I aimed to provide a deeper base of information and options for those seeking to expand their expertise. This vision materialized in the form of this website, housing a Learning Center. This digital space serves as a place for an ever-growing base of recipes, historical insights, experimental findings, and practical guides. Additionally, I established a shop within the website, offering a curated selection of natural dyes, mordants, and additives. My aspiration is not only to disseminate knowledge but also to equip individuals with the tools needed to embark on their own natural dyeing journeys. Through this endeavor, I hope to foster a community passionate about preserving and evolving the art of natural dyeing.

The project was supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Moments from creating educational natural dyeing videos. Photos by Julius Tarutis and Raminta Beržanskytė. 2023