We offer a wide range of textile services, including dyeing, weaving, and individual design orders. You can explore a variety of our previous weavings on our Instagram page and Etsy shop.
For all custom-order inquiries, feel free to contact us at

Natural dyeing

We delight in collaborating with our customers, crafting unique naturally dyed fibers that become cherished ingredients for one-of-a-kind art pieces. If you have specific color preferences, we can create a custom yarn collection for you, with the maximum quantity of one shade reaching up to 2 kilograms. Furthermore, we are happy to bring your inspirations and vision boards to life by curating a diverse yarn collection tailored to your guidelines.

Primarily working with wool and cellulose yarn, we regret to inform you that we generally do not accept custom orders for large quantities of fabric dyeing.

We sincerely hope that, when ordering custom-made naturally dyed yarn, you appreciate that we work with the ever-changing source of dye—plants. They are a part of nature, and the quantity of each colorant present in the plant may change from season to season. Therefore, even when replicating the same recipes, we can get different color results. This means that it may not always be possible to recreate exactly the same colors as our previously dyed yarns, and it may take a while to finish your custom order.

Weaving and tablet weaving

We specialize in handwoven wool fabrics inspired by archaeological finds from Scandinavia and the Baltics. Our creations are well-suited for various medieval reenactment projects. The most common patterns we employ include tabby, twill, herringbone twill, and diamond twill.

We take pleasure in crafting tablet-woven bands, ranging from minimal designs to intricate patterns. These bands serve as decorative trims for medieval reenactment clothing, belts, headbands, bag straps, and contemporary design elements.